Getting my Groove Back

Hello all! Its Monday! Beginning of the work week.One day til Halloween!

So, in true Texas fashion, tomorrow's forecast is rainy and a high in the 50s.  This comes after a gorgeous weekend with temps in the 80's. And today, well high in the upper 70s. Poor E is going to be so disappointed tomorrow when i tell her she has to wear a coat.

Speaking of coats... anyone else's toddler refuse to wear one? Mine just flat out says no.  It was 40 degrees the other morning and she was like no Mommy. Gah! Its just a coat, not a straight jacket. She kills me.

Our weekend was jam packed.  Friday was Halloween party at work. I finally decided to go as Elle Woods for once and apparently its old news because hardly anyone got it.

Then, Jason and I headed to E's school to set up for trunk or treat (in the freezing cold). But my little Dory had a blast.

Saturday was E's Halloween party and performance at Dance.  She was the only one who did the entire dance! Then we headed to a game watching party at one of my sorority sister's houses.  It was a tough TCU loss, but such a good time letting the kids play.  Might I add, E is the only girl in this group. But, she played and ate ta least 15 chicken nuggets.

Sunday, we had a twirling lesson. Then post-nap, E and I headed to the park to play. Then we decided we needed ice cream. It was a fun weekend, but now I am exhausted.

Oh, Jason and I did sneak in two episodes of Stranger Things 2. Slow start, but we are addicted.  Happy Halloween Eve all.