Giving Thanks

Just going to start this Hump Day with a little happiness.  This is a sneak preview from our family photos we took this year.  This girl loves being chunked into the air and will tell you that Daddy is strong enough to do it and mommy isn't (i.e. mommy does not want to do it so she says she isn't strong like daddy). So, I will give thanks for this sweet little girl on the days she is sweet.  I will give thanks for my husband who will chunk in her in the air time and time again.

I will also give thanks for this toot who keeps us on our toes, demands perfection, and rules the roost.  The sass is strong with this one, but I will embrace it and know that someday we will look back on this season of life and miss it. (we will right?).

I will give thanks that this Thanksgiving we both have jobs we love, a roof over our heads and love in our hearts.  This yeah has been trying for our family.  Last year this time we had both started new jobs with paycuts and were a little weary.  E turned 2 and it has been terrible to a T.  We have struggled with discipline, making time for ourselves and making time for us.  We have learned so much about what we each need and are continuing to work on it

Raising a strong-willed girl may or may not be the death of me, but it has been sanctifying.  I have to give her and me grace every day.  I have had to learn to not be embarrassed by her behavior, to drop her off with no shoes and hair not done and just walk away, and to trust that it is just a phase.

I am giving thanks that This is 2 (and we're half way through it).