Monday Blues

Let's face it, its Monday. The inevitable day after Sunday and the beginning of another work week. Normally I love a good Monday. Routine kicks back in, I'm back at work doing my thing and well, I just feel good.

Today, however, I am tired. I just cannot shake the weekend of no sleep.  Toddler up? Nope.  Late night out? Nope. Ya'll, Saturday night I just could not get to sleep. I finally toddled to bed around 1:30 am after trying to force myself to sleep watching mindless television, but its just did not work.  I felt fine Sunday as I rolled out of bed at 6:00 am to start my day of toddler fun.  But then last night it hit me. And this morning, it still hit me. Exhausted.

But let's get to the weekend wrap up.

Friday we had a retirement party for one our lawyer.  20 years she had been with the City.  It was so wonderful to see all the support for her as she goes out into this next chapter of her life.  After work I met my friend Samantha at Rise 3 for a very belated birthday dinner.  Ya'll, its a souffle place and it was awesome.  I would show you pics, but my phone has deleted them. But seriously, delish.  We felt so fancy and may have annoyed our waitress with our use of french accents. But hey, I'm 35 and its my prerogative. 

Saturday I spent my morning volunteering at the Texas Girls Choir with Junior League.  We painted their practice room and man it was wonderful and tiring.    I had a blast meeting other young women and doing something that would help a great organization.  And it has now motivated me to continue to paint more rooms in our house.  I think we are going to tackle the bathroom and master bedroom ceilings this weekend.  I will destroy the beige one room at a time.

Sunday Evie had an early twirling lesson.  We were lamenting a TCU loss, but girl still sang Riff Ram the whole ride there. (Check out my Instagram for the video).  She then twirled her little heart out. (See Instagram).

After a good nap, she headed out for a princess tea party birthday.  Her friend Kendall, also the daughter of my sorority sister was having her 3rd birthday and it was a blast.  Let me tell you how much noise 4 toddler girls can make.... So much we scared the older brothers.  The girls giggled, laughed, had tea (water) in fancy teacups, and ran a muck!  All donned in their tea-party best.

Al-in-all, a great weekend (minus the frog loss).

I also participated in the 7 day black and white photo challenge and admit I loved it.  It was nice to see some perspective on my friends' lives that didn't involve children.  Here are a few of my favs that I took.

So, with that I bid you a fond farewell this Monday. If you need me I'll be napping in my office.