The Cold

I seriously was not ready for Texas winter.  You know the season where its 80 one day, 43 the next and then back to 92?  Throw in some damp rain and you've got Texas winter.  It's killing me one ragweed at a time.

But you know what's worse than you being sick? You're kid being sick.  It might as well be hell.  The snot will linger for weeks.  And oh the snot.  I swear it's never ending.  And it gets everywhere.  Her hair, my clothes, my hair, the dig, my couch... you name it, it is snot covered.

And the fight to blow said nose? I swear someone is going to call CPS with the way she screams. It's just a tissue kid, and yes, the purple one (you know the tissue that is technically white but must come from the purple box).  Just blow your nose.  And for the last time, do not put your hands in your mouth (because that is how you got sick in the first place).  And wash your hands. With soap before put them in your mouth. 

This is my daily dialogue.  So, I fill her up with cold meds and hope for the best.  As for me, I am hiding in my office with hot tea and hoping to make it til noon.