When is Enough, Enough?

I have found myself saying this word more than a few times in the last couple of months.  I have had enough, that is enough, and just plain 'ol enough! So, when is enough, really enough?

I find that as moms and wives our tolerance for things is much higher.  We endure more than any normal human should.  We get up before the suns rises and go to sleep well after it sets.  We get up for what seems like the hundredth time in night to sooth a fussy baby or terrified toddler.  We are often covered in food or snot and go days between hair washings.  We are always "on."

And with the advent and rise of social media the drive to be on has increased.  Now we have to document the every move of our infants from birth to one year with cute photo add ons; set up the most clever Elf on a Shelf scenes and photograph them in the ideal light; have our children dressed to the nines for the Christmas tree photos to show our friends and family; and do it all with a smile.

But I find myself asking when is it enough?  When do I get to sit on the couch and relax while someone else plays legos for the umpteenth time?  When do I get to shower alone, pee alone, get dressed alone, or sleep alone?  When is it my time to spend gift cards on myself or enjoy a day alone in my own home?  Why do I feel compelled to send the perfect video of my child singing Happy Birthday to my MIL or her opening her presents?  What would happen if I didn't force my child to put clothes on to go to school? Or shop for presents? Or play with her constantly?  What would happen if I just did not come home one day? Because I have had enough.