I have decided not to do any resolutions this year. First, I do not have the time or motivation. Second, if I fail to set any true goals, I can't be disappointed when I do not meet them!

I have decided that 2018, besides trying to follow the three Cs, I am just going to go with the toddler flow. E will turn 3 in April and then she will be 4 and by the time I look up she will be 18 and off to college. Although when I told her that at 18 she would go to college and would not live with Mommy and Daddy anymore, she declared she did not want to go to college.   I smiled and informed her that I knew by the time she was 18 she would be itching to leave our home.

In 2018 I would love to find some balance. Between work and trying not to kill a toddler, I have no time for me or my marriage. By the time E is asleep my husband and I are so exhausted it all we can do to stay awake to watch a show on TV. It's quite pitiful.

In 2018 perhaps I will finally find a side hustle I can do. I have wanted to start some sort of business for so long, but the thing is, the online clothing business is saturated, I do not want to sell R+F, Monat, LipSense, etc... even though I applaud those of you who do (seriously you go on with your bad selves)--no I want something that I can enjoy. I have toyed around with teaching twirling lessons, but I have no space to teach in and renting a space before I have a committed student base is out of the picture.  I have thought about doing custom baby gifts and items because you may not know this, but I am quite handy with a sewing machine, but again, afraid of the time commitment and fear that no one will want to buy my stuff anyway.  I have thought about my skills and honestly not sure they are things people pay for.

So, anyway have some suggestions? What is your side hustle?

So, here's to 2018 and the mysteries it has for me.