Blogging in 2018

Notice that awesome headline graphic? Thought you would. Why? Because that's what all the cool bloggers do these days.

See again what I did there? Added in one of those quote boxes.  I am so with it.  2018 ain't got nothing on me.  But seriously when did blogging go all commercial and flash and no content?

When I started blogging back in 2011 things were different. Mommy bloggers were mommies.  Lifestyle bloggers were a mix of mommies and normal everyday people.  But blogging was an outlet.  It was less about the moneymaking  and more about connecting with people.  And then came sponsoring and ads and then marketed ads and now people have fulltime jobs blogging.

I get it. It makes sense, why not make money doing what you love.  Lord knows I wish I could. But sometimes I miss the posts that are just about normal everyday life with photos taken on your iPhone and uploaded.  No posed photos with products or perfectly planned outfits.  And content that wasn't developed days or weeks in advance or done to incorporate some product, but posts that developed organically at 6am and included whatever was on your mind from the day before.  Total Hemmingway style stream of conscience.

I miss the link ups.  The planned weekly posts with some theme.  I miss the whimsical blog designs and names that meant something only to the blogger.  I miss the connections made between bloggers.  You know the ones that only developed because you connected to some post and continued to email each other and then turned IRL friends.  Those good 'ole days of blogging.