I have a confession.  I have not been a good friend as of late. In fact, I have not been much of a good anything. I have been so consumed with my own fear and guilt and exhaustion that I have failed at most things.

It is so easy for women to become all consumed with motherhood.  We worry and fester over everything. I was never that mom until now.  Now that my child is the one who is having some coping issues I have encountered that all-consuming lifestyle.

During this period of motherhood consumption I have received some wonderful advice from friends and blog readers.  But perhaps the best advice came yesterday when it was suggested I get some help for myself.  I quickly replied that I had been seeing someone, but then I realized it wasn’t really helping. Yes, I have a LPC but is it really the help I need? Is it the help that shows me how to deal with the strong-willed child I am blessed to have?  Is it helping me nurture my marriage? It is showing me how to continue to walk through life without spending my every waking moment worrying?

I realized that I have not been a good friend.  I have not taken the advice that has been offered to me by those who love and care for me and my well-being. So, today I vow to take that advice and truly find the help I need to better myself, my relationships, and my life.