Confessional Thursday

So, seriously I miss Confessional Thursday. I am bringing it back today because I have something I need to get off my chest.

I confess...

  • the initial meeting with the play therapist went all. she will see E 2-3 times and then meet again with us to see where she is
  • I had been doing so good with my better eating and working out and then this week happened.
  • I had an awesome time at the Power Class dance session on Tuesday.  It was just what this stressed out mama needed.  Funny thought because in my head I can still dance like I did at 16-18 and in actuality my moves need some work.
  • I am in a hair rut. I want to cut it, but have worked so hard to grow it out. Ugh.
  • I was so excited for the possibility of teaching twirling but not sure anyone is really interested now. Boo.
  • I have a friend who has no social cues, I have no clue how to help her.
  • I have gone on a slight shopping spree this month. Mostly stressed induced. But some of it was that I just needed some new stuff from shoes to pants. It has felt good.
What's on your mind?