Feel Good Friday

Ya'll its Friday and its time to spread some joy.  This Friday I am having all the feels for pizza and wine.  I had an amazing dinner last night with two wonderful women and it reminded me of the healing power of friends (and pizza and wine).

I also need to give a shout out to my toddler for going 2 days with no issues at school. Hoping today is day 3! Wahoo!

I am also feeling good this Friday about our trip to the Rodeo tomorrow.  We live in Texas ya'll and around here Rodeo season might as well be Christmas.  Each year between January 15 and the first weekend in February, Fort Worth truly becomes Cowtown.  Trucks, boots, hats, spurs, and bulls reign supreme.  We are headed out tomorrow morning to take E to see the actual rodeo this year.  We only took her to see the animals last year but this year we hope to introduce her to all things rodeo from bareback bronc riding to the chuck wagon races.

Lastly, I am feeling oh so good about my sweet husband.  He has truly been so amazing with our issues with E and trying to find ways to help me out.  He truly sees my need for me time and supports my random dance classes, wine and pizza and the occasional pedicure.  So, thanks honey.

What are you feeling good about this Friday?