Girl Chat: Reintroductions

So excited to be linking up with these lovely ladies, especially the every wonderful


for Girl Chat 2018.  Today's topic is reintroductions and since I have just started to get back into blogging this is perfect.

My name is Lynn and I am a 35 year old lawyer, wife, and mom of a vivacious 2 1/2 year old.  I have been a lawyer for almost 8 years now, but its my second career.

I graduated from Texas Christian University in 2005 and went to work there in the same office I was a student worker for 4 years. I did donor stewardship and event planning. I loved it. But, I went to college with the goal of law school, so after 3 years, I made the jump from full-time career woman to full-time law student.

I spent 2 1/2 years at Texas Tech University School of Law in Lubbock, Texas. I got married to my first husband between semesters my 3L year and moved back to DFW and finished law school at SMU.  I have always practiced civil law and always defense work.

I dated my first husband for 5 years before we got married and well, things change.  After 2 years of marriage things were just not working.  It was one of the darkest periods of my life and this blogging community got me through it.  It was in those dark periods that I made some of my best friends in




 and Jess (From The Newly who no longer blogs).

But all was not lost, and in 2013 I met my current husband.  A year later we got married and shortly thereafter we had our beautiful daughter E.

After I had E, working fulltime and billing hours was, well a lot.  So, about a year ago I left private practice and went to work for the government (local city that is).  I love my job.  I still get to practice law, but without the billable hours (its a twofer).

I took a pretty big blogging hiatus after E was born and then after I started this new job, but I am back.  I mostly blog about my life, raising a toddler, and anything in between.

Hope to see you all around these parts.