The One Who Knows it All

Today I bring you nothing about motherhood or marriage, no today I am talking about those people you know in life who know it all.  This species is normally found in an office setting and tend to be your colleague.

For the most part you like this person. She or he is social, always there when you need to chat or vent, always up for lunch or a coffee break.  They know everything about the office and tend to make the first couple of week at a new job bearable offering tid bits of info on how things work or where to find this or that.  But then you realize this person is just the know it all.

In law school, we called this person the gunner.  Always first to raise their hand and answer questions, always in the professor's office, you know just your run of the mill annoying classmate that you secretly want to kill.  But then this person goes into the workforce without ever knowing they were indeed the gunner and secretly hated.

In the office setting this person know no boundaries.  They enter your office and make themselves at home no matter what you are doing.  I kid you not, you could never look away from your computer and this person will sit right down and chat for 30 minutes about whatever is on their mind.  They will fail to see the social cues that you are busy or in no mood to talk.  This routine will repeat itself every morning... for 30-40 minutes.

This person will also always be right.  In a meeting, this person will jump in the conversation and often interrupt the speaker to offer their input or insight when it is not needed, no relevant and often incorrect.  This person just knows it all, has seen it all and experienced everything, right?

However, this person is also a complainer.  See, this person because they know it all, cannot fathom why they have not been rewarded for their knowledge and hard work.  They feel unchampioned by the management.  They feel passed over for promotion or work. 

This person is extremely smart and bright in the dictionary sense of those words.  Highly educated, but lacking in maturity of the professional sort.  You have tried to help this person, explain things, but it goes in one ear and out the other.

Excuse me now while I lock myself in my office to avoid the know it all.