The Three Cs

Calm, cool, collective. The three Cs. They were the last three words I said to my husband in 2017. This year we are going to be calm, cool and collective.

To say I am glad to see 2017 go is an understatement. It started off innocently enough with being a new job for a couple months, E turning 2 and looking forward to our first beach family vacation. And then it happened. The terrible twos.

Ya'll they came in with a vengeance. I am so over it. It has seriously been a year. But the worst is how it has affected not only me, but my marriage. I have witnessed my calm, introverted husband turned to rage. I have done and said things I swore I would never do just to make it stop.

I have dipped back into a depression that I am desperately trying to escape. I am forcing my husband to find and try new things that give him something to do. I pray for my child to turn a corner, heck let's be honest, I just pray for her to get through the day without a total tantrum.

So, I decided the three Cs were for us. We would be calm, cool, and collective. And then it was Monday, January 1, 2018 and my toddler was refusing to do just about anything to get ready for bed and my husband was force brushing her teeth and I tried to rush out of the shower (she refused to bathe unless it was in the shower with me) to intervene when he lost it.

So much for calm, cool, collective. Toddler 1, Parents 0.