Things I Still Ask My Mom

Let’s be serious for a minute. I am a 35-year-old married, mother of one, with an advanced degree, and yet I still find myself asking my mom (or pseudo-mom) some of these things. I should probably know the answers to them, but why, when I have good ole mom around.

  • How long do you boil an egg?

  • Do I have to boil the potatoes before I can mash them?

  • What is our family medical history?

  • What is my bloodtype?

  • What’s your maiden name again?

  • Do I need to dilute bleach to use it to clean things?

  • What cycle do I use to wash “hand wash only” items?

  • What am I allergic to?

  • How old was I when I learned to…. (insert a plethora of items)

  • Where was Grandma born?

  • How old is Grandma?

  • When is Grandma’s birthday?

  • On what day of the week was I born?

  • How do you soften butter?

  • What does it mean to cream the butter and sugar?

  • What does room temperature mean?

  • And what is “tepid” water?

  • How long does chicken stay good?

  • Should I take her to the doctor?

  • I can microwave it right?

Bless all the moms and grandmas out there who still answer all our calls and never judge us even when we ask the silliest of questions.