And here we are back at it. It's Monday and I have the not another week in January blues...

But, we had a fabulous weekend, so let's recap.

Friday night we had E's last Waterbabies swim class.  She officially moves up to Advanced Aquatots and we get our Friday nights back.

Saturday was a whirlwind.  E had dance class, then I did a preview of twirling at her dance studio.  We had some good interest, so I think I will be teaching a class at least once a week.

After that we headed over to Dallas for the Jurassic Quest dinosaur exhibit.  E had a blast seeing all the displays and riding dinosaurs.

Her balloon dinosaur that needs to eat.

Sunday we took it easy and tried to keep everyone healthy.  Allergies are in full effect at our house.  Texas winter is back (i.e. rainy mount cedar infected blah).  I sneezed all day and night and was just exhausted.

E has also  been totally into her letters and math lately so we have been doing a ton of tracing.

I love the Usborne wipe clean books and cards.  We also have some math books that have the flaps you lift to see the answer.  Playful and educational, win win.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well.