Weekly Wins

Hi, I'm new here. Ok, so not really, but apparently the newest blogging trend is Weekly Wins on Friday. So, here we go.

Last night my child was wonderful.  Hubs went to a spin class after work, so I took E to a special dinner date.  She was polite, ate her dinner, and was just lovely company.  I told her that she could earn back her privileges that she previously lost if she did all the things mommy asked before bedtime.  She only had one slight almost moment about washing her hair, but quickly rectified it when I reminded her that the fate of Night Night Bear stood in the balance.  Bedtime was good, she finally got to read her stories and Night Night Bear returned to her bed.  She also got her videos this morning and I am feeling good. One small win for parenthood.

She also went to school today in a short-sleeved Mini Mouse red tunic, with white with colored polka dot skort and purple and pink rainboots.  Ya'll it was 34 degree when we left the house, supposed to be a high of 60, but I just did not have the energy to argue.  She did agree to wear her big coat.  I will call it another win.

And that is what I have. I will take the small victory and see what the weekend holds.