Weekly Wins

One word. Starbucks. I'm calling it my weekly win, aka my reward for getting through the week.

In other news....

I have jumped back on the get in shape bandwagon as part of my 2018 goals.  My goal is to workout twice during the week and then either run or get in another workout on the weekend.  Success! Win for me. I got in two sweat seshes this week via my Beach Body on Demand app and I am set for weekend running.  Win for me!

And before you all say I don't need to lose weight, this is not about losing weight for me. I know I am skinny, but to me its skinny fat.  I have lost so much muscle tone in the last year since I gave up my morning bootcamp.  So, as much as I know my clothes fit and I am still siting in my ideal weight range, I do not like the flab. So, my goal is fitness and tone.

I am also trying to cut down on the unhealthy snacks. Ya'll my go to is chocolate.  Small pieces so as not to feel guilty, but I need to be better.

In work wins, I wrote an awesome Motion to Dismiss Brief a couple weeks back that was complimented. I also argued a Plea to the Jurisdiction Monday that I think went well, so we shall see when the ruling comes out Monday.

In toddler news... she is still alive, so I'll call it a win.