Feel Good Friday

Well, oh Phil saw his shadow this morning, so it looks like 6 more weeks of winter. But ya know, I am not upset.  I actually have loved having some colder days this winter to allow the wearing of sweaters and scarves and boots!  But enough with the weather-predicting rodents, let's get to some feel good Friday.

I am feeling good this Friday because....

I taught my first twirling class and had three wonderfully cute students!

E has not had an incident at school in over a week (this shall now jinx that).

I had a huge motion granted this week that got my client out of the case entirely!

I have done stuff for me this week.

I have been blessed by the outpouring of love and support from my friends with all the stress of the week and my post about depression earlier. Thanks everyone.

It's February which means is the month of love. I think Valentine's is a tad cheesy, but it gives me a reason to be extra cheesy with my friends and the hubs, so I'll take it.

We have low-key weekend planned and I could not be more ecstatic.

I have managed to maintain my goal of working out twice a week and running twice on the weekend and it has truly helped with my mood.

E's first session with the play therapist went swimmingly well.  First words out of the therapists mouth were does she has leggos at home because if not she needs some.  (E seriously is going to be an architect or engineer someday, she legit loves to build things).

So what are you feeling good about this Friday?