Fit Mom: At Home Workouts


Welcome to my Friday Fit Mom: At Home Workout edition.

Finding time to workout as a full-time working mom is hard.  I used to attend a bootcamp two mornings a week and loved it.  But then my husband's job schedule changed and gone were my mornings.  So, I had to take my fitness routine into my own hands.  I was just 2 years post baby and still wanted to tone up.  I had always been an avid fitness person, but this was different.  Long gone was my ability to spend a hour and half at the gym.  I needed fast good workouts I could fit into my new mom life.  In walks the at home workout.

There are so many great resources for at home workouts now.  No longer do you have to be a slave to the Tai Bo DVDs.  (But seriously this is what I did in my college dorm room).  I use a ton of resources to find the best workout for me at the moment I have the time, anywhere from 30 minutes to 15 in between dinner and bath time.

My go-to is Beach Body on Demand.

I simply log in and have access to every program Beach Body offers.  I am a true fan of 21 Day Fit and 21 Day Fit Extreme because they are only 30 minutes each.  I login and off I go.

I got in a quick arm workout last night while E ate a snack and played on her ipad and before I had to teach at 6pm.

My goal is to get in two weight workouts a week and then I run twice a week (Saturday and Sunday).  When it warms up again and daylight savings kicks in, I will try to run after work.

My other go-to is Kayla Istines. I have the app and love it.  I also just tend to pin HIIT workouts I like and put on some music and my HIIT timer and go.  I also do some tabata workouts and then sometimes I just pick up the weights and go for it.  However, I have found that my body responds best to quick 20-30 min of intense work.

The best part is that E loves to join in the fun.  She will grab her toy weight and do jumping jacks and squats with me.  She even insisted on her sports bra for her workouts.  I think that is the most satisfying part for me to be a good role model for my daughter.  It is about teaching her healthy habits and not to worry about her weight per se.  I do not talk about diet and I do not "diet."  I maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes working out and trying to eat a balance diet.

I so often hear moms say that just do not have the time to workout.  Its a decision, a conscious one you have to make each week.  I admit some weeks I am better than others about getting in the workouts, but when I do it consistently I know I feel better, I am less moody and a much better mom and wife.  Find what works for you.  You do not need a gym in order to stay fit. 

Have a fabulous Friday and weekend all!