Girl Chat: Organization

It's time for another edition of Girl Chat!  This month's topic is how you stay organized.

Bahaha.  Organization.  What a tricky word.  I'd love to say that I am somehow an organization genius that manages to have it altogether to go seamlessly from career to mom, but let's be real I don't.

I am a slave to the calendar on my phone. If its not on the calendar, it does not happen.  Which means I have to remember to transfer events to the whiteboard that we have in our kitchen at home so that my husband knows when I have things.  Events that affect pick up and drop off go on the whiteboard.  This means Junior League, Meetings, after-school events, doctor appointments, twirling competitions, etc... you get the drift.  The whiteboard also contains the grocery list (and sometimes my husbands drawings for work when he cannot find paper and an idea strikes him).

As for work, I am one post-it note away from losing it all most days. I have to-do lists, coupled with random post-it notes and then I have my whiteboard.

This serves two purposes: 1. To remind me of big deadlines in my cases and 2. For my boss to know what is going on with my cases.  And to display the lovely artwork from my daughter.  I would show you the rest of my standard government office, but its quite boring.  I have no windows (something I miss about private practice), a standard desk, some chairs and carpet that looks like it has been through WW2. 

At home we have the standard toy bins for E's stuff, but no Pinterest-worthy details.  The rest of my house, well its just existing.

So link up and maybe I will get some good ideas from the rest of you.