Popping In

Just popping to say a quick hello to all. And to share this wonderful illustrated portrait of my sweet family. A local artist did this for me and I quite love it.  And I love that it has the Fort Worth skyline in the back.. You can two of the three building where I have worked and well I love it.

So, despite the holiday yesterday, I was at work. Yup, no government holiday for me.  But my sweet brother and his girlfriend took E out for the day.  The headed to Legoland and the aquarium.

She enjoyed since she got to sneak out of school for a bit, and well my brother loves this little girl with all his heart. I wish I could say the rest of the evening went well, but she had a toddler meltdown before bed and well we all know how that goes.

Swing back by tomorrow and I will fill you all in on the other happenings in my life.