Things I Want for My Daughter

Everything I do, I do it for her. I wake up each day and go to work to provide for her, to show her that you can be a mom and a career woman.  I cook to provide her nourishment for her body and soul.  I exercise to show her that taking care of your body is so important.  I put her in activities to help her find her passion in life. I kiss her Daddy everyday in front of her so she knows I love him and we are always there for her--together.  I want so much for my daughter. I want her life to be infinitely better than mine. E, for you I want:

  • A world where there are no limits put on your imagination.
  • Endless opportunities.
  • Total support for whatever activities, dreams, or endeavors you want.
  • To grow up in a home where you are surrounded by love and compassion.
  • To see a healthy relationship between two people.
  • To learn until you can't learn anymore.
  • To be a ferocious reader.
  • To experience heartbreak so that you know it will not last forever.
  • Adventure wherever you find it, even in our living room under the dining room table.
  • To love with all your heart.
  • To fail because only after failing can you truly appreciate success.
  • For you to know that you are loved, unconditionally.