Thoughts on a Thursday

This is how I feel about Texas winter right now. Seriously, its 29 outside right now, with a supposed high of 61 followed by tomorrow's high of 75 and then back into the 40s.  Everyone is sick.  I am not kidding.  People in my office are dropping like flies, strep and the flu is going through E's daycare and I am just so over the constant post nasal drip.

But that is not even why I am here today. Nope. I am here to bring you the random thoughts that have passed through my brain this week.

I subscribe to Stitch Fix. I have been doing so for many years now.  I have gotten over it in the past year and have rarely gotten a box. So, when I needed some new things in my wardrobe, I reached back to ye ole Stitch Fix.  I pinned my heart out and made some specific requests and I then my box came. It is not that I am disappointed per se, but more that I think I am so out of touch with the fashion world.  So, ya'll need to tell me if its just my old ladyness or not.

Tart Blazer
 You may not be able to tell, but the majority of this blazer is quilted, which is kind of cute, but has shoulder pads.
Liverpool skinnies
 These I am actually wearing at the moment.  Although they are not technically the work pants I asked for, they can pass.  Although now that I have worn them, they are creeping down.  I hate that constant feeling of the need to pull my pants up.
Franco Sarto Slides
 I just do not know ladies.  Are these in?  Do you not walk out of them? Are they cute?
 Although this is right up my lawyer dress alley, I am not paying $135 for a basic grey skirt! I did not pin anything like this. I have exactly three grey suit skirts. And none of them were this much and are made of far better material.
Daniel Rainn top
I get that this is a Stitch Fix brand and the color is cute, but they have sent me exactly a zillion flowy tops like this and I send them back 89% of the time because I do not need that many and I do not like flowy tops for work. I need to tuck things in.  I need something different, not something I can pick up at Loft or Ann Taylor...

So, what do you all think?