Twirling and Trophies, Oh My

What a cold weekend. We never got above 40 degrees here in Texas and man was it a cold one!

However, we braved the weather for another twirling competition!  Off to Dallas for the North Texas Valentine's Competition.  I competed at this same competition in this same gym many years ago.  E got to do all but one of her events.  (Nap time kills out competition mood).  But she won her first trophy and managed not to get last in her other events.  Yup, she beat out some 6 year olds!

The age divisions for twirling start at 0-6, so as you can image, a 2 year old v. a 6 year old (sometimes 7) can be hard, but I was so proud of her.

All her teacher's students
 These girls love E.  They are the best big sisters she could ask for.  The one in purple is also our babysitter and current TCU Feature Twirler.  The one in the green dress, well I used to twirl with her mom, so we keep it in the family.

Here is her hardware..

She was so proud she watched TV and played with her trophy all day Sunday, she even let Night Night Bear hold it.

And that pretty much summed up our weekend.  It was bitter cold for Texas so other than the grocery store, we stayed in, watched TV and ate.

Here's to highs in the 70s this week.