Weekly Wins

I am  little late this morning, but I have a sick husband and two dogs who needed to get to the vet and a kid to drop off, so here I am better late than never.

Not too many thrilling wins this week, but ya'll I managed to keep a kid alive and not sick.

The hubs, on the other hand, woke up yesterday feeling like poo.

In exactly one month I will be on a much-needed girls' weekend trip to see two of my besties. I cannot wait!

E has a twirling competition tomorrow (with a giant scrap on her nose).  She is so darn excited it cute.

I added another little one to my twirling class last night.  It is so much fun watching these girls master tricks.

I have been on a small shopping spree as of late. I realized my work wardrobe needed a small makeover in the form of pants.  Not one pair of my black pants fit.  They all slide off my hips and hang.  This is due to not working out as much and losing some muscle tone.  But I need at least two good pair.  I also need some skirts.  I just have not found any that I love.  Where do you all find cute work clothes (skirts).

Next week is Valentine's Week.  I will be baking for our annual office chocolate competition so if you have any fabulous chocolate recipes let me know.