What's Happening Wednesday: Q&A

It's Hump Day and so I am linking up with sweet Jenn for a little What's Hap"Pinning" Wednesday. I thought I would take her little Q&A and give you all some tidbits about me.

1. Where was your Blog profile pic taken?
Thanksgiving 2013. It was taken for my first holiday card post divorce.

2. Worst physical pain you've ever experienced?
Child birth.  My epidural came out and I have severe back labor until I could get another one.  Let me tell you about googling "How much pain should you feel with an epirudal."

3. Favorite place you've been?
Oh, lord. I guess I should say Hawaii on my honeymoon with my sweet husband. But I lived in London for a semester and loved every bit of it.

4. What's the funniest thing you experienced this week?
Well, seeing as I'm a government lawyer, my line of work is not so hilarious.  However, one of the lawyers in our office is having a baby with his wife. I sent around the Jimmy Fallon Dada book for all the men to write some advice, etc.. for him in the pages of the book. My favorite piece of advice came from one of the lawyers who does not have children, but rather dogs and opined that you could probably look at them the same way and suggested not leaving your baby in the crib for 8 hours in a day, lest you come back to a mess.

5. How late did you stay up last night?
Around 10:30 pm when I got in bed at 9 because I got sucked into a book.

6. If you could move somewhere else, where would you move to?
Not quite sure. We kind of like it here. But perhaps California.

7. Which of your Facebook friends lives the closest to you?
My next door neighbor, Lacey.

8. When was the last time you cried? 
Let's get real, last night.

9. If you could talk to ANYONE right now who would it be? 
Honestly, I think I would love to sit down with former Justice Scalia (RIP) and see what he thinks of what has happened in our world after his warning in the Heller case and gun control. Plus, I really love that man.

11. What's your favorite season?
Summer. Even though it gets to be like 100 here.

12. If you could have any career, what would it be?

I would love to own my own business of some sort.  I love what I do and what I do it for, but man it would be nice to not sit in an office all day long.

13. What was the last book you read?
A Man Called Ove

You're a World Traveler, where would be your next destination?
J and I are actually planning a vacation.  We have narrowed it down to driving from Seattle to San Fran or London
15. Are you a good influence?
I would like to think so.

16. Does pineapple belong on a pizza? 
eh, I am indifferent.

17. You have the remote, what channel will you choose? 
HGTV or USA (to watch Law & Order: SVU)

18. Favorite Cocktail?
not a cocktail girl

19. Last concert you attended? 
Haha. Umm Carrie Underwood in 2013.

20. Favorite type of food?
Mexican and french fries. Yum.

That wraps up my little Q&A session for today. Happy Hump Day