What's Up Wednesday

Ya'll, I am so mad right now. I had this post all prepared and ready to post and then bam! My computer died and did not save and here I am scrambling at 8 am to get this posted, so here we go.

I'm excited to link up with MelSheaffer and Shay today for "What's Up Wednesday"...

Today I will be answering....

What we're eating: If you follow me on Instagram then you saw that I actually cooked Monday! I made stuffed salmon and a broccoli rice pilaf. Other than that its leftovers and Chick Fil A.

What I am reminiscing about: Life before. I would give my left arm right now to be 23 and be able to tell my younger self so much. 

What I am loving: Sales on sales on sales!

What we've been up to: Not much of anything. We do go back for the final session of E's play therapy to see what she has to say, so that should be interesting.

What I am dreading: another day of rain! It has rained so much the past two weeks that I think I need an ark.

What I am working on: Preparing for E's third birthday. I have a place, but that is about it. Thoughts?

What I am excited about: The hubs and I have decided to take a trip. We are going to drive the PCH from Seattle to Sonoma-ish, so if you have places to stay, eat or see let me know.

What I am watching: This Is Us came back last night and Grey's starts again tomorrow. But, I have started watching The Killing on Netflix and I admit its a tad slow, but I am hooked.

What I am Listening to: not a darn thing. I am not a podcast person or really into music, so all I hear all day is the clack of the keyboard.

What I am wearing: Well, its winter in Texas which means we get everything from ice to 85 degrees, so I have all the things on rotation.  I am especially into colored tights right now.  It allows me to wear dresses, but keep my legs warm, but jazz it up a tad.

What I am doing this weekend: I will be volunteering at a local elementary school Saturday morning with Junior League and then E has a birthday party for a friend and then on Sunday I am hosting a Matilda Jane trunk show at the house. Love me some Matilda Jane and the swimwear launches tomorrow.

What I am looking forward to next month: My girls trip! I will be headed to Atlanta to spend a weekend with P!nky and Jessica (formerly of The Newly).  I have met both, but they have not met each other. I am so darn excited. P!nky was actually in my wedding, but I have not seen her in over a year and the last time I saw Jess was in 2013, so this is way needed.

What else is new: I am trying to get back on the blog train and thinking of a makeover, but not sure about it. And, we are looking at have the rest of the inside of the house painted (finally) so that is exciting as well. Other than that, its business as usual.