Fit Friday: Food

It's Fri-yay! Let the weekend begin. On this edition of Fit Friday I am going to talk about food. I have a love/hate relationship with food, I think we all do.  It is funny how something that we literally need to survive can have such a hold on it.  It holds us hostage.  But food does not have to be the enemy.

Food is fuel for the body, but it does not have to be boring or a chore.  Let's be real, I am a full-time working mom.  I do not have time (or the patience) to do intricate meal planning, prep, etc... 99% of the meals we eat in our house are simple ones.  Turkey tacos, sloppy joes, grilled chicken and anything I can put in a crockpot.

So, how do I stay fit with food?  Make healthy choices.  We rarely have beef in the house.  We eat ground turkey, chicken, fish and lean pork.  Veggies and rice are my side of choice and come from a bag that  I heat up.  We also eat a lot of fruit and yogurt.  To stay healthy, I steer away of processed foods and really try to eat real, whole food.  Proteins, veggies, fruit.  Even my crockpot meals rarely contain canned goods.  Sure, it may seem boring, but I jazz it up with seasonings.  But as boring as it may seem, I know that my family is getting good nourishment.

But, we also splurge.  And that is where moderation comes in.  If I splurge at lunch, I cut back at dinner. If I had lots of meals out during the week, then I reign it in on the weekend, or vice versa.

I also love a few websites for meals: Dashing Dish, Skinnytaste, and Eating Well.

I also utilize ready-made meals. I love places I can grab and take, like Snap Kitchen, Central Market, Whole Foods and some local places like Local Foods Kitchen

Whatever you do, do what works for your family.  Meal plan and prep, freezer meals, Instapot, just remember real food is always best, but don't forget to splurge every once in a while.