Five on Friday

Happy Friyay!  Can I get an Amen? It's Easter weekend and I am so excited to celebrate the coming our of Savior Jesus Christ.  But first, let's get down to the Friday Five.

1. I started a new workout routine Monday and man am I feeling it.  It's 80 Day Obsession from Beach Body and whew it is kicking my tail.  I am loving it so far and cannot wait to see some results.  I am also working on my coach training and can't wait to share this fitness journey with others.

2. My kid peed on the couch Tuesday night.  Was just sitting there and then peed.  She has been pottytrained for a year.  My husband was livid.  Thankfully, I attacked it with some Folex and I think we're good.

3. Suits!  It's back!  Man I love this show.  The fashion, the storyline, Harvey Spector.... I mean I can look at him all day long.

4. Spring Cleaning.  I have been cleaning out E's toys since she is about to have a birthday.  I was so proud of her for actually choosing some toys to give away or sell.  We still have a long way to go, but we have purged.  I also went through her clothes and put those aside that will still fit in Fall and will either sell or donate the others.  We have a great moms buy/sell facebook group here in my hometown, so I can usually sell most of the cuter things and name brands.

5. Easter.  Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  It is about rebirth and renewal.  I also feel like Easter and Spring awaken something in me and helps to recenter and get back on track.  Rejoice in the Lord for He is risen.

6. And one more....I have some good posts in the works for the next couple weeks and here is a sneak peak: My husband is on the Blog Tuesday with The Husband Files and I am going to feature some bloggers who no longer blog but many wonder Where Are They Now?  First up will be Jessica from The Newly.  See ya next week.

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