Friday Favorites /Weekly Wins

Happy Fri-yay everyone!  Can I get an Amen for this first Friday of Spring?  I am so ready for this weekend.  We are looking at highs in the upper 80's so, I am all about getting a little start on my tan before the 60s reappear next week.  We do not have much planned this weekend other than the normal dance and twirling.  I do think the hubs is going to mount our TV in the upstairs TV room now that we have painted, but other than that it'll be a lot of outdoor playtime.  So without further ado, here are my Friday Favorites/Weekly Wins.

1. I renewed by Beach Body on Demand subscription for another year, but this time I signed up as a coach.  I have been doing BOD workouts for more than a year, and love the ability to stay fit at home, but now I am going to see about sharing my love of fitness with others.  I am doing a 21 day challenge and then going to gear up to spread the fitness love.

2. We had a stressful couple of days at work.  Whenever things appear in the news, you can bet my day will be filled with briefings and meetings and doing damage control.  Don't get me wrong I love my job, just makes for a couple of I have no time for lunch days.

3. E has worn dresses two days this week! For my sweet little tomboy, this is a win!  And hopefully I can get her to wear one more for picture day next week.  Fingers crossed.

4. The invitations for E's birthday have gone out!  She is super into dinosaurs, so I am going with it.  We're just doing it at dance studio (hubs refuses to do another one at the house).  It will be dancing, music and no clean up for me! Here is the invite. I will share more as it gets closer.

5. My cardio hip hop class was back this week after spring break.  We did a sassy number this week and it was so much fun.  Some of the ballet dancers from the local ballet come, so its so much fun to dance alongside them as well as some of the former cheerleaders and dance team girls from TCU. Here is a little peak at the class.  You should watch the tiny ballet dancers and not me... old fart in the purple capris.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, and I will be sending warm weather thoughts to all my friends still knee deep in snow.