Friday Favorites

It's Fri-yay! TGIF.  Ya'll, for the first time in forever, we have no plans!  Dance is off for spring break, twirling is off for regional competition and its supposed to be a gorgeous spring weekend in Texas.    But for now, let's get to my Friday favorites!

1. The weather.  I know, I should stop gloating since some of you are still experiencing winter and snow, but all the heart eyes over here for warmer temps and sun!

2. Friendships.  After my girls weekend, I realized just how important good friendships are.  Women need community and closeness and someone to vent with.  I have been so blessed to have met some amazing women through this piece of the internet and now I am meeting new ones.  So, thank you.  Thank you all for being you and providing me with that circle that moms, wives, mothers and women need.

3. Shopping.  I have been on a huge spree as of late.  I realized just how outdated my work wardrobe had become, so I am investing in some new pieces.  I have done Stitch Fix for a couple years now, and just subscribed to their yearly boxes for $49 a year.  I got my box yesterday, so look for a review next week.

4. Books.  I blew through the Jojo Moyes books.  Me Before You, After You and Still Me.  I actually went out of order, as I did not realize when I read Still Me that is was part of anything.  Still, wonderful reads.  Now I need to see the movie.

5. Painting.  My sweet husband started painting the walls of our upstairs while I was gone last weekend, so I think we may finish it.  That will be one more thing off our plate and one less room full of ugly builder beige.  Which reminds me I need to do a home remodel post soon since we have done so much to this house in the past 3 years.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  If you need me I'll be painting and toddler wrangling.