Girl Chat: What's in E's Basket

Linking up for the monthly Girl Chat and talking Easter baskets.

First, I love Easter. It is my favorite and I love the tradition of putting our your basket and the Easter bunny hiding it.  My mom always got us the candy we loved, something fun, PJs and socks.  I started this same tradition when J and I got married and we have now done with the E the past two years.  However, I was reading Elizabeth’s post earlier this week about gift and it got me thinking that I too should employ the same thing I do for Christmas to Easter: 1. Something you want 2. Something you need 3. Something to wear and 4. Something to read.  So here are my thoughts on E’s basket.

Something she wants: She is into all things Peppa and has been asking for a Daddy Pig since we do not have one. So, I think this set may make its way into her basket and some new sidewalk chalk.

Something to read:  Again with the Peppa and also she loves Pete the Cat.

Something to wear:  Ya'll, all my kid will wear these days are these skorts from Kohls.  Which, I mean is great because hello, they are $7!  But she also wants to wear them when its 40 degrees outside.  So, I am going to grab the remaining designs we do not have yet.

Something she needs: New tennis shoes.  She has worn out all her tennis shoes and just about outgrown them too.  So, she need some new ones and has been asking for purple "swoosh" shoes.  So, these just made an appearance on my cc statement.  (Plus its TCU purple, she is not indoctrinated at all).

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