Planning and Stuff

I am trying hard to adhere to the old adage, if you do not write it down it doesn’t exist.  So, I am writing down my monthly goals.  Perhaps if they appear somewhere in the interwebs I will be held accountable.

  • Budget.  The hubs and I keep a spreadsheet with our monthly expenses.  We simply write down every dollar we spend and it goes into certain categories.  It’s it not so much for budget, but to just track expenses.  Well, this month I am going to try to hit a spending level.  I hope to cut my spending by 1/3 this month. So let’s see how it goes.
  • Workouts.  I committed to two workouts a week and I have not gotten off to the best start for March.  Since I now teach twirling on Thursday nights I can’t workout, so I need to make it a priority on Wednesdays.
  • Snacking.  It has gotten out of control. I need better snacks.
  • Toy cleanout.  With E’s 3rd birthday approaching its time to go through and purge the toys she no longer plays with or that are not age appropriate (and pray she doesn’t realize they are gone).
  • Birthday party.  We have a date and a theme! Young, Wild & Three (think dinosaur wild).  Now just need invites, cake and the rest.
  • Vacation Planning.  J and I booked out tickets for our PCH road trip.  We will fly into Seattle and out of San Fran, just need to plan what we will do in between.
  • Blogging. I need to put in a concerted effort to pre-plan posts and write about something more interesting.  I also have a new Instagram just for the blog, so check it out @dispositive_motion! What do you all want to hear about?  Fashion? Make-up?  My job?  My toddler?

Check back next month to see how I did and for April’s goals.