Quick Weekend Recap

I am swooping real quick (and late) to give you a weekend recap.

Friday. I started the day with Starbuck's treat.

It was needed.

That night E refused to go out to eat so we had some takeout and called it a day.

Saturday.  It was gorgeous outside!  After E's dance class we came home, played outside and then took an early nap.  Then we headed to a birthday party for one of my friend's kids.  It was football themed and E was the only girl.  However, she had a blast.  She tackled dummies, threw the ball and showed those boys who was boss.  Then we headed home and enjoyed the weather some more.  It was 75 degree and the puppies were walked, sticks were collected and runs were had.

Sunday.  E had a wonderful twirling lesson followed by a good nap.  Meanwhile, I rushed around the house preparing for my Matilda Jane Shop & Play.  Ya'll I love me some MJ.  They have the cutest clothes and not just for E, I love their stuff too and sport it a lot.  You should check it out.

I got the cutest swimwear for E and I. My party is still open if anyone wants to join in the fun.

But, the best part was E had so many friends over to play.  Her best friend, dance friends, friends from her old school and new friends.  She had a blast and my house looked like a girl bomb exploded.  It made my heart so happy!

And now, its girl trip week! I am pumped.  But I have a actual posts lined up this week! I'll be talking my life, mental health and an update on play therapy.  Have a great week!