TBB Asks: Beauty Edition

I am a day late and a dollar short, but linking up for this edition of TBB Asks.

1. Eyelash Curler Yes or No?  I have no time for this nonesense.  I stick to my R+F lash boost and some mascara.

2. Favorite Nail Shade?  My nails rarely have polish on them because, I am a closet nail picker/biter. Still to this day I get anxious or stressed and the picking commences.  But, when I do I love a good putty color.

3. Favorite Lipstick Shade?  I am not a lipstick wearer. I am a clear lipgloss girl. I stick to Lipsense glossy gloss and their chapstick.

4. Blow Dry or Air Dry your hair?  Blow dry.  My hair, if air dryed, looks like a limp french fry. I have super fine hair, but a lot of it, but no volume, so must hair dry. I am in the market for a new one, so suggestions?

5. Artificial Nails: Yes or No?  Nope. See above, nail biter.

6. Foundation: Yes or No?  All the way. I talked about my fav last week.  I am a Makeup Forever girl.

7. Hair Up or Hair Down?  I prefer it down, which is the way I wear it most times, but for out and about in the summer, it's usually up because my hair does not do well with humidity!

8. Bar Soap or Body Wash?  Dove body bar.  I even converted the husband.

9. Bath or Shower?  Shower.  I am not really a bath person, unless I am forced to climb in with E.

10. Favorite Body lotion?  Ugh. I am not a lotion person. I forget, I go to work with ashy legs, its just not important. 

11. Do you wear perfume? Is so, favorite scent?  Kate Spade for the win.

12. Do you shave your legs everyday?  Nope. Again, time.... I am better about it in the summer, but winter, its like extra insulation.

13. Favorite Lip Balm?  See above.  LipSense chapstick is the bomb..

14. How old were you when you first started wearing make-up?  12. I was allowed to wear a little starting in 6th grade.  Just some mascara.  I did not start full make up until my senior year of high school when acne set in bad and I decided I hated my skin. Now I go in waves.  Weekends, I rarely wear it.

Hope you enjoyed this edition to TBB Asks.