Weekend Review

Little late this morning, but hey, better late than never!  Recapping the glorious spring weekend that just occurred.

Friday.  We headed out to our favorite dinner spot The Tavern.  I posted pics of our yummy meal.  Their steak salad never disappoints.  And then we stopped for frozen custard on the way home.  I call it a Friday night win.

Saturday.  We were back at dance class post Spring Break.  The girls got to try on their costumes for recital and it was all exciting and tutus.  Its the most precious shade of blue (good for my non-pink girl).  Then we made our weekly trip to the bakery next door Hurley House, for a treat.  Ya'll, this has become the cutest event.  Most of the moms bring their girls and we just sit and chat and eat.  The girls giggle and make a complete mess, but even those 20 minutes is so nice.  I also love the dance moms.  We just jive.  We chat, we complain, we laugh.

Then we headed home for some outside play.  Is anyone else's kid totally into sticks?  E collects them.  We have a huge collection on our front porch.  Then it was lunch and a nap.  I headed out for a run during her nap and it was just fabulous.  The weather was in the 80s and the sun was shining and I wanted all the tan.  We spent the rest of Saturday playing outside and inside and just enjoying the weekend. 

Until that evening.  When my child became the devil incarnate. But we will save that for another post.

Sunday.  I could not sleep.  E woke up once calling for chapstick or water or something random and then I was up.  I took the opportunity to enjoy some quiet time.

Scone from Hurley House
I started watching Riverdale on Netflix and now I am hooked!  I binged the first 4 episodes and can't wait for more.

Once E woke up we played until it was time for her to go to her twirling lesson.  I admit, I love watching her.  It may be the fact that it was a sport I love or the fact that she takes from my teacher and I was this age when I started to take lessons from her.  There is just something about watching the woman who shaped you love your daughter.

Then it was back home for some play time and lunch.  E asked to dine al fresco, so we did.    She loves to be outside and I love to play with her outside.  Its the one thing we both love.  And she insisted on walking our neighborhood in her floaty.

We were quite the hit with the neighbors.  After her nap (which took about 30 min to get her down) and mine (mama was tired), we did some work on the front yard and just enjoyed the last few hours of the weekend.  It's also supposed to rain a ton this week, so we soaked it up.

And now its Monday and I am exhausted, but ready to start the week. I mentioned on Friday that I was doing a new Beach Body challenge group, and it starts today.  So, I will be doing 80 day obsession and hopefully, sticking to it.

How was your weekend?
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