5 on Friday

Friday, you could not have come slow enough.  It has been quite the week!  So, let's get down with the 5 on Friday the 13th!

One. My baby girl turned 3, 3! She was so excited to turn 3. She got a birthday crown at school, singing, new purple Nike tennis shoes, and a cupcake.  Her birthday party is Saturday and she's excited for Young, Wild & Three full of dinosaurs.  I promise to post photos and a full recap next week.  She will be sporting this shirt:

Two. The hair. Yup, still in love with my new Barbie locks.  I know it shouldn't matter and I should feel good regardless, but y'all I feel so sexy and womanly and just amazing. Post coming next week.



Three. I am so enjoying the momboss mom side hustle. Amen to all those moms who do this full time.  And for those of you who are hesitant or on the fence, do it.  Take the plunge, seize the moment.  Do that thing you have been afraid to do.

Four. World Baton Twirling Day.  I had so much looking back at old twirling photos and embarrassing others. Baton twirling has played such a vital role in my life and now I am watching my daughter do it as well.  It has taught me so much more than a sport, it was taught me how to go through life.

Five. Blogging.  I know I have said this before, but I am just so darn blessed to be a part of this.  Use it wisely ladies.  Do not compare yourself to anyone, feel the urge to conform, or make it something that isn't a true reflection of you.  Blog for you, do it for you the way you want.  Who cares about followers, sponsorships, free stuff, this is a community of women that should be each other's champions.

LMW5 on Friday