Confessional Thursday

It has been quite the week. Between E's birthday, work, and planning her party, I think have managed more bad words than needed in one week.  So, it's time for a little confesh sesh.  And just doing a little #TBT to all the confessionals past.

I confess...

  • Sometimes I do not like my kid. You know its the times when if she whines one more time I might explode. 
  • My new long locks have made me feel super sexy. ( I will do a post all about them) For the first time in a very long time I love myself, my body and where I am in life.  Sometimes all it takes is some hair and an awesome workout.
  • I get in bed at 9:30 at night but then end up getting engrossed in a book and stay up until 11pm.
  • I bite/pick my nails.  I hate it. It's a stress thing. I get them all grown out and pretty and then BAM I get this urge to ruin it.  How do I stop!!!???
  • I have a shopping problem.
  • I want to eat an entire chocolate cake sometimes.  Just because it looks so good.
  • I still watch Grey's Anatomy.  But I think the new Station 19 looks dumb.
  • Beauty Counter. I ordered some and got it yesterday and LOVE how the balm felt on my face.
  • I am hoping to make a blate/blogger meet up happen this summer! fingers crossed.
  • You all make this space worth coming to everyday.  The friendships, the connections, the sharing of life.

What are you confessing today?
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