TGIF! Like more than you know it I need this weekend. This week has drug on and on and on....  But alas it is the weekend.  Today I am sharing my Top 5 Favorite TV shows.

1. The Americans. This is the final season and its just as good as when it started. I am going to be sad to see it end, but it has made a good run.

2. Riverdale.  Dumb as it may seem, its so good and I am so darn addicted. Catch the first season on Netflix and then jump on board.

3. Homeland. Claire Danes is just flat our excellent.  She is the ugliest crier, but man she's good in this role. I have cried more this season than ever watching her struggle with her illness and parenthood.

4. Suits. The fashion is what gets me. I wish I dressed like this in law, but I do not make enough money. I know the show is no way like what the real practice of law is like (I know) but I love it anyway. And finally we see the wedding next week!

5. The Killing. Its on Netflix, set in Seattle and follows to detective in their quest to find a teenager's killer.  It can be slow at times, but there are so many twists and turns I highly recommend it.

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you enjoy it. Don't forget to link up!