Friday Favorites & Weekly Wins

Heyo Friday!  At least we meet again.  It has been quite the week in this household.  Between my week full of meetings and E being up every night, to her ear tube surgery Thursday, we are pooped and ready for the weekend.  So, here are my favorites & wins for the week.

Favorite Posts: I posted Tuesday about my

Fitness Routine

.  I also enjoyed Danielle's post about


, Paige's super blunt and honest


about motherhood & guilt, and  Lindsey's

Disney recap


Favorite Moments: Connecting with some new women and mamas on Instagram.  I am so blessed to have gotten to know sweet


and cannot wait for my lunch with



Wins: I got promoted at work! It goes in effect June 9th, but I was told yesterday!  I am so darn excited and just humbled that my hard work is paying off.

E took her tube surgery like a champ.  We were told her left ear was so inflamed that it was on the verge of rupture.  Who would have known?  Girl never complains and didn't seen phased.  Hoping this is the last set of tubes we need.

Organization.  I bought into getting more organized.  Toys, crafts, closet, makeup... It's on!

Now, if you need me I will be logging on to register E for zoo camp at 9am on the dot! (its a rush, let me tell you)