Friday Favorites

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Who is excited for the weekend? This girl! Let's get down to the Friday 5.

1. Texas weather. Ok, weather in general.  I have experience every season this week and tomorrow its supposed to be 52 degree! 52 in April! And we are supposed to head to an outdoor beer and burger festival as part of the Fort Worth Food & Wine Festival.

2. Twirling Competition.  E has one this weekend.  She will be doing her dress modeling for the first time (if she puts the dress on).  This is competition is in Fort Worth, so close to home and run by her teacher.  So, that means I will be there all day helping out and watching my sweet girl compete.  I promise photos.

3. I am super excited to be a new wellness coach with BB.  This is something I am so passionate about and just want to share my love with others.  I would love to have ya'll in my virtual fitness group starting April 16th.  If you want more info, let me know!

4. My sweet baby girl will be three next week! 3! Where did the time go. I feel like I was pregnant yesterday.

5. Check out my two favorite posts this week! The Husband Files and Where Are They Now: Jess from The Newly!  I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about my sweet hubs and seeing what Jess is up to now!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy the weekend!  See you next week.