Mother's Day Gift Guide


Motherhood. Blessing, curse, overwhelming desire to drink wine.... For me, its taking your three year old to get her third set of tubes in 3 years today.  It's heartbreaking, tireless, fearless work being a mother.  So, on the day devoted to celebrating motherhood, here are a few things I wouldn't mind seeing.

1. I have been craving some new workout gear, and this lace top by Lululemon is so cute.

2. I know these are not new from Kendra, but these are classic and so cute, so I think I need these in this lavender. I did snag some cute new sports bras from Target two nights ago, so check those out.

3. These face masks. I love these.  I love to use them one specific areas and just how they make my skin feel.  Get one, get two... get them all.

4. Botox. Ever since Danielle discussed hers, I have been wanting it. I do have a consultation tomorrow, so I will report back.

5. Beach vacay.  I know I have a trip planned for the end of May, but I want to sit on the beach, toes in the sand.  Work has been super stressful lately and I just want to escape.

6. Not pictured... a day all by myself in my own home doing whatever I want to do, which would be sleeping and watching Lifetime Movies.