The One With Winter in Spring

It's April. April, you know well into Spring. Yet, it never got out of the 40s this weekend and the wind chill sat around freezing. So, what did we do?  Went to an outdoor beer & burger event!  Here's the weekend recap.

Friday. We enjoyed the last of the warmth before a massive cold front headed in.  Like, from 85 to 45. In one evening.

Saturday. E and I were up early to head to the Spring Fling twirling competition.  E competed in dress modeling for the first time and it was a hoot to watch.  She also did her marching, which did not go as planned, due to being rushed and well, being 2.  But she had fun, came home with some medals and one trophy.

I also got to spend time with my twirling family.

TCU Twirlers '05, '20, '12 and our coach

I got home from the contest about 5:30 and was exhausted from being on my feet all day. I also help my former coach run this contest so that means nonstop go go go.  But, we had tickets to Burgers, Brews & Blues, so I bundled up and headed out.  It was only 40 degrees with a windchill of about 30.  We love this event and normally its a grand ole warm time.  It is part of the Forth Worth Food & Wine Festival.  Local breweries come out and compete alongside local burgers joints and restaurants. My husband goes for the brews and I eat my weight in burgers.

Due to the cold weather, we only stayed about an hour. Hubs dropped me at home and he headed to World of Beer.  I rested, well tried to until he came home with major hiccups. I slept on the couch and E woke me up at 4am looking for a missing sock.  Ya'll exhausted was my middle name come Sunday morning.

Sunday.  After copious amounts of coffee, I got in my workout (with my trusty sidekick) and then took E to her twirling lesson. I also taught one of my students and then we came home and chilled.
She loves to workout with mom
 The rest of Sunday I caught up some mom boss business stuff and played a lot of Peppa Pig with my sweet 2 year old.  Ya'll she will be 3 Tuesday. 3!  The time has flown.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, now excuse me while I go hold my baby girl.

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