Weekend in Review

This was one for the books!  It was jammed pack but oh so fun celebrating my sweet three year old!

Friday. I picked E up early from school to begin our date. Well, first we took a visit to the NAET. I am on a mission to get E healthy.  We were supposed to have third set of tubes put in today, but after hearing the amount from the hospital I opted for a second opinion from an ENT who does his tubes at an outpatient clinic.  He used to be the head of pediatric ENT at our local children's hospital so I am pumped for him and a little less $$.  

Back to the NAET.  If you have not heard about this method you should.  It seems a little voodoo medicine, but yall its wonderful.  She can see what pathogen and allergies E has and treat them by resetting her system.  This visit we treated for strep, staph and RSV.  E's nose is currently a faucet, but its hopefully getting rid of all the buildup.  This was our first visit, but I will let you all know how the rest of the visits go.

Saturday.  I was up bright and early to volunteer with Junior League Fort Worth for our Pancake Picnic.  Each year the provisional class puts on a pancake breakfast for the patients at Cook's Childrens.  This year the theme was Pancakes Around the World.  My shift was from 6-9am.  I had a blast!

After my shift I headed home to take E to dance class.  Then we headed to our favorite bakery Hurley House for a post-dance class treat. If you are in Fort Worth, you all need to get to HH.  They have the most amazing baked goods and ready to heat meals and Katherine the owner, well she is a true gem.

Next we went home to get in an early nap for E since it was party day!!!  Our Young Wild & Three dino party was a blast!  We held it at the dance studio and Meg, the owner worked her dino magic.  The kiddos danced, sang, jumped, colored and had a great time.  E was in heaven with all her friends.  It was truly dino-mite!

It was a blast!  E got a ton of gifts and she is just blessed to have so many friends and family who love her.  We love our school, our friends, and our family for loving her well.

And if that wasn't enough, I took off for about an hour for some more photos.  This is just a sneak peak, but ya'll Danyelle is amazing!  She did the wildflower photos of E and I and took some gorgeous photos of me yesterday.  We laughed so darn much and just had a blast!  I posted in my instastories about Danyelle and I, but I just wanted to give her a shout-out for being a momboss.  She has a beautiful daughter, heart of gold and a passion for Christ.  Oh, and an amazing photographer.

Sunday, we rested.  We needed it.  We had no plans and I loved it that way. 

And Happy Belated birthday to my BOFF P!nky!!  I hope it was a wonderful day.  Love you to the moon & back!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  What did you do?