Weekend Review

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Hey all. I am just popping in for a quick recap of my weekend.

Friday. 2018 has been all about self-care for me. I had an awesome hydrafacial last Monday and Friday, I went back for a little Botox.  Call me vain, but, 35 brought more lines that I care for and well, raising a toddler is tough work.  So, I bit the bullet and did it. I will do a full recap this week.

Saturday. E was in quite the mood.  I think she literally whined the entire day.  I was so over it.  The only time she was happy was when we were outside. So outside we went.

We played go-fish, had a water balloon fight, threw the ball, went on a walk, you name it, if it was outside we did it.  My mom arrived about 5:20 and the hubs and I went off for a date night.

We had not been to a movie in forever, so we went to see Black Panther. I have to say, I was impressed for a super hero movie.  I also love me some Sterling K. Brown.  After the movie, we headed to World of Beer so the hubs could get some new stuff and I enjoyed the patio.  We could also hear the music from Fortress Fest which was at the museums so it was a nice evening out.

Sunday.  After a twirling lesson and a trip to Target, we played outside some more.  Ya'll, if you have a toddler, get the water balloons that fill up 60 at once.  It was so easy and so much fun.  Then, E and I headed out for her to be a model for a photo shoot.....

This is from my phone, but she got to done a fairy dress and be a princess.  There was also a pony... I will show ya'll those when I get them back.  Then we headed to Sonic and called it a night.

The weather herein Texas is finally wonderful again so we are going to enjoy it until its 100 degrees and we melt. How was your weekend?