Where Are They Now: Jessica from The Newly.

Have you ever wondered what happened to some of your favorite bloggers?  You followed them faithfully, hung on their every word, and felt like you were best friends?  Yeah, me too.  So, I decided to reach out to some of those wonderful women who you used to follow and love and no longer blog for a little “Where Are They Now?” My first blogger is Jessica formerly of The Newly.

Jessica is the blonde-hair, blue-eyed Georgia mother of three, wife of a surgical intern/resident who we all came to know and love.  Jess was one of my first blogger friends.  This was way back before she had babies and was an assistant in a law office.  We bonded over marriage, clothes, makeup and southern charm.  She became not only my friend, but a sister in Christ and now is one of my closest confidants.  I even got to spend a wonderful Girls Weekend with her and P!nky last month and it just reminded me how much I love her.

We watched Jess grow her little family from just Caleb, followed by the addition of Vivian, and then we all were shocked with the announcement of her third pregnancy.  Well, for those of you who wondered what baby number three was?  A beautiful baby boy! Jacob Theodore “Teddy” was born July 28, 2016.  All three kiddos are doing wonderful and well the cutest blonde trio you ever laid eyes on!  Caleb will be in Kindergarten next year, Vivian will be 3 in less than a week (she’s just a day younger than Evie) and Teddy is cruising into 2.  Needless to say, Jessica has her hands full with her beautiful bunch.
Caleb Teddy Vivian
As for her sweet orthopedic surgeon hubby B?  Well, he was accepted into a fellowship, which means her clan will be moving in 2019 to North Carolina.  Jessica is so happy the placement is still close to family, but moving with 3 under 6 will be a feat, but if anyone can do it, Jess will.

You may also remember that Jess has a fabulous online clothing boutique Pearl & Monroe.  How excited did you get for those posts at 11 and 2?  I know I did.  I swear half my closet was from P&M.  However, if you still follow P&M on Instagram, then you know that after 2 ½ years, Jess decided to stop offering new merchandise on a regular basis, but will still do some custom and pre-order items from time to time.  So, stop on by and see what she still has to offer on her inventory clear-out and keep an eye out for pre-orders.  And if you love her, let her know and maybe we can convince her to come back soon.

I can tell you from personal conversations that Jess truly misses her little corner of the interwebs where she got to be her, connect with other women and bare her soul.  Her reason for leaving was a scary one.  About two years ago, she discovered a woman was basically cyber-stalking her, but scarier, she had become her online.  She made passed Jess’ kids off as her own, cropped Jess out of photos and even made pregnancy announcements with her babies.  For the safety of her sweet family, she decided to step away from blogging.  But, it made us all realize that as much as we think we are safe behind the computer screen, we aren’t.  Remember to protect your personal information and that means even your littles’ faces.  Watermark them, do not give out identifying information that tells where you live exactly, where your kids go to school or attend church.  There are some crazies among us.  Ok, enough with my PSA.

I hope you all enjoyed this little update on Jess and her life.  If you have any other bloggers you want me to find, let me know!

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