WHW: Hair Extensions

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Danyelle Snead

As promised everyone, I am talking about my hair on this edition of What’s Hap-Pinning Wednesday.

In case you missed my Instagram posts, I am now sporting some long tresses thanks to extensions.

Yup! Extensions.

I never thought I would be that girl who do it, but I did.

An now I am in love.

So, here is the 411 on extensions.

My extensions are

PerfecTress connections


They are a strand by strand extension system, meaning each extension is a strand of hair.

The plus side is that they help you maintain the integrity of your natural hair because they do not use heat, glue or solvents during installation or removal.

They basically clamp in and lay flat.

They are easy to care for and I can wash, style and sleep like normal.

No pain, no headaches, no clipping in and out.

And the best part, they last up to a year!

Yup, you heard me a year.

The connection is made of 100% Remy human hair or pure virgin hair.

The actual connection is made of aluminum alloy, which allows for expansion and contraction.

The connection is covered in 360 degree with hair so no damage to your natural hair.

They come in an array of colors and textures, so there is a strand for you, or you can have them custom colored to blend in.

For my installation, we used 16 inch extensions and did 7 rows.

They starts at the base of you head and install 2mm from your scalp and then one finger length between each strand.

This is repeated as you move up the head, with each row 2 finger lengths from the next.

Strands can go as high as the point where your head begins to round, or when you would be able to see them through your natural hair.

Care and maintenance is simple.

You brush twice a day with the brush provided and wash at least twice a week with a shampoo free of sulphate, parabens and oils.

Other than that you can use styling products and tools as normal as long they do not contain the above-products (Monat approved minus the oil).

I will go in to have them checked in May and then moved up every 3-4 months to accommodate growth.

The cost is pretty normal for extensions, but the cost includes the entire year of appointments.

My hair is valued at $700 (I was a model so I did not pay full price for the hair and I did not pay for service).

I am in love!!! I feel so feminine, beautiful and just confident.

Only downside is that you are a tad limited in hairstyle depending on the length of your natural hair and thickness. I need to make sure I have some curl so that you cannot tell where my natural hair ends.

Also, I can wear it half up, but must make sure to cover the connections.

And, it’s a lot of hair for a ponytail on the top of my head, so low or braid is best.

Check my Instagram Stories today for a video of my actual hair and how I style and wear it! And send me questions!

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