10 Things I Can't Live Without


As busy women and some of us moms, we are all always looking for ways to get things done more quickly or efficiently, heck who am I kidding, we just want to get stuff done.  So, we have to have things in place that make the daily tasks we have to do seem less mundane and easier.

These are things I can't live without to keep my life in check.  In no particular order:

1. Smartphone. Duh. Schedule, notes, calendar apps, photos... I would be lost without it. Oh, and it calls people too, who would have thunk.

2. Planner. I just switched back to a paper planner this year.  With the start of a new business and E having an increasingly busy schedule, I needed a way to keep everything organized.  I used to just put it all in my work calendar, but now I have the paper calendar and its a must.  I even plot out blog posts for the week.

3. Tailwind. Best app I have ever found for keeping my Instagram going.  It allows you to schedule posts, photo, caption and hashtags and then schedule when they post (automatically) during the day.  Lifesaver.

4. Whiteboard.  We have one at home that serves as grocery list, coupon holder, family calendar in one.  We can just write down what we need as they run out and then also put down activities for the week. It resides in our kitchen wall so both the hubs and I see it.

5. Mascara.  Silly, but mascara is a must.  if I wear nothing else, mascara makes me look awake and like a person.  I am a fan of drugstore brands like Loreal but if I splurge its always on Lancôme.

6. And in a close second to mascara is concealer.  Because, well busy mom, and we need all the help we can get. I am currently using Senegence concealer (makers of LipSense).  Love it.

7. Beachbody on Demand   It's like Netflix for workouts.  I literally have access to over 700+ workouts from anywhere.  I can even download some for when I have no internet access.  Great for busy moms, busy women, traveling.

8. Kindle.  Books are my saving grace. I love the access to so many books at my fingertips. I read every night before bed. It helps me shut my brain down and escape to somewhere else even if just for a moment.

9. Water.  Ya'll when I do not get enough water each day I can tell.  My skin doesn't look as good, I do not feel as good and the bloat is real.  Drink you water.

10. Good girlfriends.  Everyone woman needs a good tribe.  You need them from every walk of life and stage of life. I have my mom friends, my married friends, my single friends, my work friends and my younger friends.  They all serve a purpose and are so important to a healthy life.  I am blessed to count so many of you as part of my tribe.;and

11. My husband.  Seriously, he makes the world go round for us.  He loves E and I fiercely and well.  He makes sure we have clean laundry and groceries in the fridge. He watches her so I can do all the things he supports me in doing.  I am beyond happy to have such a loving and supportive husband in my corner.

What 10 (or 11) things can you not live without?