Girl Chat: A Day In My Life


Hey everyone! Linking up for Girl Chat and showing you a day in my life.  I always find it interesting to see how other people spend their days. Its also fun to see what everyone has in common and I secretly like to see other's homes or just glimpses there of.  These photos are from this past Monday. And most days are the same.

5am - I get up and workout. I workout from home and currently doing an 80 day program that I love.  You all know that I am a wellness and fitness coach with the company and it has changed my life. It fits into my busy life and I love it. If you want some info, shoot me an email.

6am - I get E up and ready for school.

She makes her waffles (healthy I know) and I feed the pups.

Then she watches TV or plays on her iPad while I get ready for work.  The hubs has long left for work by this time.  This is our trade off. I get her up and take her to school and he picks her up.  Works for us.

Then she always helps me make my shake!

By 7:15am

We are out the door! I drop her off at school and then head into work.  Her school is just a mile up the road and my work is just 3 more miles into downtown.  I love living close to work now!

have a good day E

shake for breakfast

I am at work by 7:30 and spend the day practicing law. Ok, so first I read some blogs, get some coffee, check email... do some Instagramming

.... You know....

I work for city government and do mostly civil rights litigation and personal injury defense. Pretty boring stuff.

I normally eat at my desk or sometimes I will venture outside, but often its just easier to sit and eat. I catch up on blogs or work my side gig.

I leave work around


and depending on the day I either come home and cook dinner, play with E, or attend one of the many things I am involved in. For example:

Monday - staff dance rehearsal (for faculty dance at E's studio where I teach)

Tuesday - Cardio Hip/hop class.

Wednesday - Is my night with E. I left the hubs do whatever he wants and well E and I enjoy girl time.

Thursday - I teach twirling at the studio.

This day I was making turkey tacos for dinner. True fact; I have not eaten ground beef in over 5 years.

Turkey Tacos


. We get E ready for bath and bed and then she is in bed by 8pm. E takes a bath every night.  We only wash hair twice a week, but bath helps her to calm down and we usually chat away.  Then she does her checklist to earn her stories (three for doing all her night time routine items).

Hubs and I read with her then I rock her (yes I still rock my 3 year old).

Then the hubs and I (depending on if I am home), watch some TV, I blog, work my side-gig or heck go to sleep.

anyone else love Timeless?

Halo Top! So good.

Nothing exciting here! Cannot wait to see what your day looks like!