Love Yourself: Self Care For the Busy Mom


Ladies, when was the last time you did a self-inventory? Like stopped and looked at you—examined your hair, skin, nails, and emotional well-being? And I mean truly and mindfully looked after yourself?

Yeah, took ya more than a minute huh? To tell you the truth, it took me more than hot minute as well.

That is why when 2018 began and I depressed and anxious, I decided to make it the year of self-care.

I shared with you all about my struggle with post-partum depression and learning to love my child.

It was all part of my goal to take better care of myself.

See, I’ll let you in on a little secret, you can’t do the best job of taking care of everyone else if you aren’t taking care of YOU first.

So, I have a little challenge for you.

For one week, just one week, do one thing every day that focuses or is just for you.

Yup, you heard me, one thing each day. I am going to follow along with you and I challenge you to not only do it, but post about it. Snap a photo on Instagram , tweet about it, blog about it, snap it…. Use the hashtag #selfcarechallenge2018 and let’s support each other.

So, here are the ways I have been practicing self-care in 2018.

Hydrafacial.I polled you all in Instagram and went and had a hydra facial. Y ’all it was amazing!

HydraFacial is the only hydradermabrasion procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously, resulting in clearer, more beautiful skin with no discomfort or downtime. The treatment is soothing, moisturizing, non-invasive and non-irritating.

It is akin to microdermabrasion but its wet, so you do not get the peeling and redness.

They do extractions manually and with the tool. My skin was glowing afterwards! I had mine done at a local medpsa The Preserve Medspa & Wellness. I lucked into this place and man they did not disappoint. If you have to be in the Fort Worth area you can book a treatment use the code FORTWORTHLOVE for a discount.

Botox.Yup. You heard me botox. After my facial I asked about botox. I had seen Danielle’s results and knew I needed to look into it. I had horrible 11s (area between you eyebrows), really bad crows feet, and forehead wrinkles (thank you motherhood). I went in for a consult and decided to see how it went.

I am so pleased with results and it hasn’t even been a week.

They say it takes 7-10 days to see complete results, so I am excited for my follow up next week. I literally have no 11s lines anymore and my crows feet are almost non-existent. It did not hurt at all. It felt maybe like a mosquito bite, if that bad but no sting. I was over and done in about 20 minutes.  You can see the green dots where she injected.


The arrows show where I had injections These were taken yesterday in my office (sorry for the poor lighting)


goodbye crows feet


no 11s.. can't even make them


way less lines!

Baths.  Yes, ye ole bubble bath.  But more grownup, so think Epsom salts and wine.  I have tried to do one on Friday nights to unwind and relax. Soak until your wrinkly and maybe read a book or listen to some Kenny G…. ok maybe not Kenny G.

Learning to Say No. I know, I know…. But its imperative! Those two little letters can lift a huge weight off of you.

It is ok to not volunteer for everything, to say no to happy hour, or hosting that baby shower, or making 100 cupcakes for your kids’ class (for the next day). Do not feel guilty at all. Go For a Walk/Run.

Whatever works for you. Get out in the fresh air and clear your head. Listen to the sounds of your breathing and the repetition of yours steps. It’s soothing and calming and will help with endorphins (its like free Prozac).

I am lucky we have trails right behind our house, but just walking down the driveway works too.

Get a Pedicure/Massage. I mean does that need an explanation?

Eat healthy. Yeah I know, easy for me to say… not really. I struggle with this. I like convenience and Subway was convenient. I am an emotional eater and stress needed French fries and chocolate and well anything I could find. I was skinny fat.

But healthy body = healthy mind = healthy family. Try it, I dare you.

Do Something You Love. Every woman needs to have that thing they do just for themselves.

I truly believe you need to have three hobbies: one to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative. Find what that is for you.

Paint, color, draw, maybe its blogging, start a business, read a devotional each month, travel alone… just find something.

So, will you take my challenge? One thing each day. Try it. Check in and let’s see how you feel next week.

How do you practice self-care? Let me know in the comments or on Instagram and share with everyone.

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